About Us

The Movement Centre strives to explore, assess, and correct human movement by providing customized self-administered treatments that anyone can use through the guidance of a movement physiotherapist. We use real cases to identify, reveal, and treat movement dysfunctions as they relate to common orthopaedic issues. The aim is to help you overcome your limiting factors, whether that is pain, performance, or both. Ultimately, we want to help you achieve your goals.


The Movement Library

The Movement Library is a compilation of mobility, strength and corrective exercises demonstrated just for you by a movement physiotherapist. We’ve included some quick reasons as to why you may need to work on each exercise, while emphasizing proper technique so that you can truly, Move Like You Mean It!

The Movement Series

In our video series we tackle common sports, activities and movements, and break them down systematically joint by joint. It’s our hope to bring you step by step self assessment and treatment tools to tackle anything that comes your way!

The Movement Mondays

We take a look at common movement dysfunctions, musculoskeletal injuries, and insufficiencies, to provide you with self-treatment exercises and most importantly, real life examples so you can truly Move Like You MEAN IT!

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