Ankle Collapse During a Deadlift with Fix | Movement Mondays | Ep 2

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In this episode, we take a look at what happens when your hip strength isn’t quite enough to stabilize your kinetic chain during the deadlift. Sometimes we move well, but as soon as the load or the speed increases – things start to break down. This is a great example – hope the correction it helps you MOVE like you mean it!

Over time this can lead to plantar fascia issues, knee pain and lower back/SI joint problems! Remember, your foot is the first part of you to contact the ground, if it’s a weak link – the chain above it will be as well.

The Test

Does your ankle collapse in the deadlift?

The Fix

Banded Deadlift – Grab yourself a band and wrap it just above your knees. Gently press your knees outwards into the band gripping the ground with your feet. This will help to activate those glutes and keep that arch in a stable position. 

Our videos are created by a movement physiotherapist to help you Move Like You Mean It.

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