Fix Jumpers Knee and Tendinopathy | Movement Mondays | Ep 7

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“Jumpers Knee” is essentially a tendinopathy of the patellar tendon – that thick band that sits below the knee cap. If you are doing anything that involves quick start, stop and jumping movements – this one is for you! If you are moving in a wonky way (ie. Knees caving in, feet turning out) the forces acting on this tendon become imbalanced and you are on your way to PAIN. So make sure you correct your movements and move like you mean it!

The Test

Your Squat – Do your knees cave in towards midline or your arches collapse as you squat? If so – this video may be helpful for you!

The Fix

1) Calf Grinder – Once the ball or roller is in place, use your non-mobilizing leg and cross it over top of the one with the ball to add your desired amount of pressure. Start with your toe on the mobilizing leg pointed, and use your body weight to sink into the ball. Once you have pinned down the tissue, actively bend your ankle to bring your toes towards your nose. Move the ball along your calf and repeat. Spend 2min working on this.Check out a full video demonstration in our Movement Library. 

2) Heel Pin – Once you have your foot pinned on the wall you have two options. 1) You can keep your knee locked, squeeze your bum muscles and drive your hip towards the wall and HOLD. 2) You can bend that back knee and do the same (this should be felt lower down in the calf towards the ankle). Hold this bad boy for 2min. Check out the full video link of the Heel Pin Stretch. 

Our videos are created by a physiotherapist to help you Move Like You Mean It.

Featuring Mitch Starkman, Physiotherapist


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