Recover Grinding and Cracking Knees | Movement Mondays | Ep 4

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In this episode we discuss grinding and cracking of the knee during a squat. This type of dysfunction will develop over TIME and can lead to pain. So lets nip it in the BUTT (pun intended) right away. In this case, we need to ensure we have great glute control to not only stabilize the knee, but to balance out the musculature crossing the knee. Imbalances can create disadvantageous pulls on the knee cap.

The Test

Your Squat – Do your knees crack or grind when you perform a squat? If so – this video may be helpful for you!

The Fix

1) Quad Grinder – Press your leg into the ball and BEND your knee, moving your ankle towards your bum. This is effectively lengthening your quad muscles over the pressure of the ball. Return your knee to a straight position and repeat. Repeat this for 2min and enjoy. Check out the full video in the The Movement Library.

2) Monster Walks – Wrap a band around your knees and stretch your leg out directly to the side. Once you plant your lead foot, bring your trail leg to meet it. Continue in this fashion until you’ve completed your reps – then change directions and give the other side some love. Note: Don’t let your knees cave in during any of these movements; they should stay in line over your toes. 

Our videos are created by a physiotherapist to help you Move Like You Mean It.

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