Hip Impingement, Baseball and Limited Rotation | Movement Mondays | Ep 12

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This Monday we look at BASEBALL as our example. But this stuff goes for any rotational athlete or movement for that matter. If you don’t have sufficient rotation of your hips, you are going to be stealing it from somewhere else – often your lower back, that’s when we see you in clinic. We examine a lack of hip internal rotation and a self-mobilization and activation technique you can hopefully avoid things like hip impingement, hip pain and lower back.

The Test

Global Rotation – Keep your feet together and twist your body as far as you can side to side. Can you get your shoulders in line? if not – we have a problem. Now this restriction can come from a lot of places but generally the thoracic spine and the hips are the culprit. 

The Fix

1) Banded Hip External Rotation Stretch – Wrap that band around your hip pulling away. Keeping all your limbs in contact with the ground, shift your weight towards your affected leg to increase the force going into the pelvis. Imagine you are using diving your thighbone through the back of your hip with your weight into the floor. Now, swivel your mobilizing leg out to increase your hip internal rotation. Now rock your bum back in towards your heel slowly feeling the stretch in your hip. This should be comfortable. Rock to your limit then slowly return back to your start position. Spend 2min working on this.

2) Activate this position

Our videos are created by a physiotherapist to help you Move Like You Mean It.

Featuring Mitch Starkman, Physiotherapist

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