Are You Hypermobile, but Feel Stiff? | Movement Mondays | Ep 14

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Are you someone who can pretty well crack any and all of your joints on command? Ever wonder “Why do my joints crack?” Then this one is for you. Some people are generally more lax then others, and that can be okay – you just need to be stronger! But sometimes, the “gumby” (aka flexible) ones can have stiffness, and a little stiffness for a “gumby” can cause havoc on your body. The upper back is a common place we see this problem. Gravity tries to bring you down, make sure you keep that upper back moving! 

The Test

Global Extension – Put your arms over head and arch back like you’re doing limbo. Is your whole spine moving? We should see all of your spinal segments extending making a beautiful “C” – if not, houston we have a problem.

The Fix

1) Upper Back Foam Roll – Start lying on your back with your knees bent with the roll placed perpendicularly to your spine at the base of your shoulder blades. Keep your bum pinned down and your low back neutral. Place your hands behind your head and your elbows close together, pointing towards the sky. Now, extend your head and shoulders back over the arch, until you feel a comfortable stretch, then return to neutral. REPEAT. spend 2min working on this bad boy. Check out the full video link in our library of How To Foam Roll Your Upper Back

2) Lunge Stretch – In the lunge position, squeeze your glutes to rotate your pelvis back and press your mobilizing hip forwards. Do not over extend your back. For most, very little movement forward is required to feel this stretch when done correctly. To amp it up you can rotate from your trunk towards the front knee, using the thigh as leverage.  Hold this for 2min and enjoy. Check out the full video in The Movement Library on The Best Way To Stretch Your Hip Flexors.

Our videos are created by a physiotherapist to help you Move Like You Mean It.

Featuring Mitch Starkman, Physiotherapist

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