Neck Hinge | The Push Up Series | Ep 3

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It is time to review one of the most common mistakes of all – the neck hinge! This can lead to all sorts of troublesome issues like nerve pain into the arms, carpal tunnel, neck pain and even HEADACHES! Why?

Well, this position violates a neutral spine and although it allows you to check out your form in the mirror and/or avoid sniffing the floor, long term it can cause havoc.

The goal would be to maintain and neutral neck position throughout your push-up. This will not only keep you in a safer position, but can also help you generate more force and power, ultimately making you stronger!

The Fix
Upper Back Foam Roll – Start lying on your back with your knees bent with the roll placed perpendicularly to your spine at the base of your shoulder blades. Keep your bum pinned down and your low back neutral. Place your hands behind your head and your elbows close together, pointing towards the sky. Now, extend your head and shoulders back over the arch, until you feel a comfortable stretch, then return to neutral. REPEAT. spend 2min working on this bad boy. Check out the full video link in our library HERE.
Core Activated Planks with a neutral neck

Featuring Mitch Starkman, Physiotherapist


The Push-Up Series
The Push-Up Series is our attempt to tackle not just how to do this in proper form, but also the top 5 most common mistakes that we see and their fixes. We’ve created a template for each of the 5 mistakes and how you can tackle it all on your own. A push-up is an amazing full body exercise – working not the arms and chest, but also challenges your core and stability. The problem is that most people assume it is isolating just our chest muscles, when in fact it is doing anything BUT that! Keep your form strong and follow along to ensure you can truly push-up and Move Like You Mean It!

About The Movement Centre:
The Movement Centre strives to explore, assess, and correct human movement by providing customized self-administered treatments that anyone can use through the guidance of a movement physiotherapist. The aim is to help you overcome your limiting factors, whether that is pain, performance, or both. Ultimately, we want to help you achieve your goals.


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When in doubt, it is always a good idea to get assessed by your healthcare practitioner so you can truly Move Like You Mean It! This is not personalized medical advice.

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