Fix your Snapping Knee and Butt Wink | Movement Mondays | Ep 6

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In this episode we talk about what many call “the snapping knee”. In this case, it occurs due to shortness in the Biceps Femoris – a hamstring muscle. The hamstrings attach at the back of the knee and the base of the pelvis. As we lower down into a squat, the pelvis moves away from the stationary knee lengthening the hamstrings. If we reach this limit prematurely the pelvic bowl is forced to tuck creating the “butt wink”, and in this circumstance the “snapping knee”.

The Test

Your Squat – Do your knee snap when you perform a squat? If so – this video may be helpful for you!

The Fix

1) Lunge Hamstring Stretch – From this position, rock your hips backwards so that you are straightening your front leg. Do not over extend your back, maintain a neutral spine as you fold forwards from the hips while straightening your leg. Once you feel the stretch pick up, hold it! To amp it up you can rotate from your trunk towards the front knee, using the thigh as leverage. Hold this bad boy for 2min. 

2) Calf Grinder – Once the ball or roller is in place, use your non-mobilizing leg and cross it over top of the one with the ball to add your desired amount of pressure. Start with your toe on the mobilizing leg pointed, and use your body weight to sink into the ball. Once you have pinned down the tissue, actively bend your ankle to bring your toes towards your nose. Move the ball along your calf and repeat. Spend 2min working on this. You can find a full video of this calf stretch in The Movement Library.

3) Bear Crawl – First find neutral core. If you need help with this part check out our video in our Library on Neutral Core Activation. Activate your core in your four point stance. Slowly walk forwards alternating opposite are and leg movement. Don’t let your trunk sway! 

Our videos are created by a physiotherapist to help you Move Like You Mean It.

Featuring Mitch Starkman, Physiotherapist


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