Tennis Elbow? | Movement Mondays | Ep 8

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Tennis elbow is a common dysfunction that many deal with regularly. It can be a stubborn injury to treat – but just because you have pain at your elbow does NOT mean it is “Tennis Elbow”. We show an example where the pain is actually being driven by the neck and shoulder due to poor radial nerve movement, how to quickly screen yourself and finally some self-treatment options to try out! Hope it helps.

The Test

Radial Nerve Test – Put your thumb in a loose fist, flex your wrist and extend your hand behind you. Does this hurt your elbow? If so – this may be just the help you are looking for!

The Fix

1) Upper Back Foam Roll -Get your towel roll or mobility tool in position. Now, place your arms out to the side OR straight up overhead by your ears or BOTH. You are going to spend some time in both of these positions that are comfortable. Note: It is normal to feel some pins and needles into your hands when in this position for to long, just wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a big hug to rest them. Spend 2-5min here! Check out the full video in our library on How To Foam Roll Your Upper Back. 

2) Trap Grinder Place some pressure through your mobility tool onto your shoulder, roll the ball back and forth into your shoulder muscles. To make this more effective, you can add some movement of the mobilizing side while pressing the ball in. Lift your arm up overhead, and back towards your side. Hold this bad boy for 2min. Check out the full video link in our library on How To Release Your Shoulder

Our videos are created by a physiotherapist to help you Move Like You Mean It.

Featuring Mitch Starkman, Physiotherapist


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