How to a Complete the Foot Grinder

One of the best arch stretches around!

Let’s face it. Our feet take a beating day in and day out. Some of us wear heels, others run marathons and others big clunky boots! The truth of the matter is the vast majority of us do not take the time to give our feet some tender love and care. That’s why we are showing you one of the best arch stretches around today! Whether you have a plantar fascia issue (ie. plantar fasciitis), a heel spur or just generalized foot pain this is a great exercise for you and your arch. 


Start sitting on a chair without shoes. Now place your release ball in the middle of your arch. If you can tolerate it, place some pressure on the palms of your hands’ on top of your knee to increase the force on the ball. Now it’s time to roll the pressure of the ball around your foot. Wiggle your toes up and down throughout this exercise for an even better effect. Look at you, you’re doing one of the best arch stretches around!



Take your time with this and complete 2min per foot. 

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