How to Complete The Pec Grinder

The Best Chest Stretch

Because most our lives are spent hunched over a computer or TV, the pectoral muscles around our shoulders tighten into a macho position (like Johnny Bravo) and become internally rotated. This not only closes down our chest but also decreases the stability of our shoulder – making them prone to injury. To stop the madness, use this exercise to stretch out those pecs! It’s time to learn how to complete the best pec and chest stretch around: The Pec Grinder.

Lying on your back, hold it with your opposite hand into your chest. Using your hand, grind the ball back and forth into your chest muscles. To make this more effective, you can add some movement of the arm while pressing the ball into those positions.

Do this for 2 minutes throughout the day. Make sure to move the ball throughout the front of your shoulder during this time.

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