How to Complete the Turtle Exercise

Deep Neck Flexor Strength

Are you a student who’s always looking down at their textbook? Or a desk jockey who stares at their computer in poor posture? Well, we can assume you may get some neck pain in these positions or at night – which is NO FUN at all! To help offload your cervical spine, let’s focus on improving your neck mechanics, mobility, and deep neck flexor strength. We want to make sure you move your neck in a non-threatening way to calm down any perceived threats the brain may be feeling from these improper postures. Give this exercise a try and see if it improves your symptoms! Here is exactly how to complete the turtle exercise to improve deep neck flexor strength. 

Lay on your back with some pillows to support your neck in a forward flexed position. Gently pull “your chin towards your throat” (i.e. imagine an axis of rotation traveling through your ears as you bring your shin downwards). Your head should not leave the table.


Complete 10-12 reps, and repeat 5 times throughout the day!

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