How to Complete the Dead Man Stretch

A Great Hip Stretch

You’ve all heard the saying “It’s All In The Hips!”, and I’m here to tell you that – it totally is! If your hips are stiff something else is going to have to do the moving for you – and that something is often the lower back, knees, and ankles. If any of these compensate for the hips, then they are potential sites of injury – something NONE of us wants!! The deadman exercise is a great hip stretch to increase your hips ability to internally rotation. This exercise will mobilize your hips to gain the range you need to continue being awesome – and as always: ensure you Move Like You Mean It.


Lie on your back with both knees so that your back is flat on the ground. Cross one leg over top of the other – the leg which is not crossed is being mobilized. Using the crossed leg “twist” your supporting leg down towards the ground in both cases. Driving your knee towards midline and swiveling your ankle away from your body.


Do this for 2 minutes (minimum) on each leg throughout the day!

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