How to a Complete a Single Leg Glute Bridge

It’s all in the hips

 Our core is central to all our movements, but we tend to get stuck doing the same exercises that don’t challenge us enough. For example, sometimes a glute bridge just isn’t enough – we have to step it up a notch! This exercise is that next notch since it not only challenges your core and glute strength to new extremes BUT it also improves our rotational stability – something most of us don’t work enough! Rotational stability helps stabilize our core and trunk when lifting, turning for a pass, or simply sitting or standing in good posture. It’s time to learn exactly how to complete the perfect single leg glute bridge. 


Lay on your back with knees bent. Straighten one leg up with knees in line, and rock your pelvis all the way forward and back to find neutral. When holding this position, make sure to squeeze your bum muscles and press your hips up towards the sky until your body makes a straight line from your knees to your chin. Try to keep your thighs in line throughout this exercise to keep your hips nice and level. 



Take 3 deep belly breaths. – this is one set. Do this 3-5 more times on each side.

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