How To Complete the Slide-Roll-Lift Drill

Lower Trap Strengthening

Most of us tend to do global exercises on our shoulders (such as push-ups and clean jerks), but we forget about the three easy steps to AMAZING shoulder strength and stability! As we move our arms above shoulder height, we often lack the strength and stability to maintain and hold this position. The slide, rolls, lift exercise combine movements that we all need to incorporate into our lives to mobilize our shoulders. Here is exactly how to perform the Slide Roll Lift drill for lower trap strengthening. 

Start in child’s pose (i.e. kneeling with your bum back onto your heels and resting on your elbows with your forearms and palms on the ground). Slowly slide one arm forward until it is fully extended. From here roll your arm so that your palm is facing up towards the sky. Now lift your arm just a few inches off the ground keeping your elbow straight. Return back to neutral in the reverse order.

Do this for 5-8 reps, and repeat 3 times throughout the day!

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