How To Complete the Rib Roll

Improve Upper Back Mobility

Your upper back mobility is crucial to your overall health and body mechanics. A well moving upper back means a better positioned neck, shoulder, and lower back – which translates into an overall AWESOME you!! The issue is that most of us sit in poor upper back mobility – aka a slouched posture and rounded back. Because of this flexed posture, we need to move into extension – which not only improves our form but helps with rotational movements and overall spinal core control. Try this exercise out and see how you feel! Here is exactly how to perform the Rib Roll drill for upper back mobility. 

Lay on your side with your bottom arm straight out at 90 degrees, and your upper arm wrapped around the bottom of your rib cage. Now, keeping your core tight rotate (starting from your shoulder) towards the side that the knee is up on. Twist until you feel tightness in your mid-back and slowly return back to middle. 


Complete 10 reps per side, and repeat this twice if you are feeling ambitious!

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