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For many, hockey is the key to life, but the question you have to ask yourself is; “do you have all the keys to play?”! What I mean by this, is do you have the joint range of motion, the prerequisite joint stability and strength to power through your movements like a bull, but with the grace of a gazelle on the ice?

The Hockey Series breaks down the skater’s body joint by joint so you can ensure you are ready for the season. Every episode looks at a joint that is crucial for your performance. We go through a pass or fail test for each joint so you know exactly where your weak spots are, followed by exactly how to treat them.

So let’s get started! It’s time to prevent hockey injuries, skate faster and perform better.



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How to Complete Side Lying Leg Raise

It's all in the hips. For anyone with knee, or hip pain, this one is a MUST. We know it may not be the "coolest” exercises, but it’s important. It all starts with a solid foundation at the hips! Everyone loves doing their squats, but we always forget about these...

The Single Best Shoulder Stretch

INJURY MANAGEMENT The Single Best Shoulder Stretch Mitchell Starkman, Physiotherapist, The Movement Centre 25 March 2018 Raise your hand if you think you have tight shoulders! If you’re reading this we’re assuming you, or someone you know, does in fact have tight and...

The Best Quad Stretch | Quad Grinder

The Best Quad Stretch Most of us have SUPER tight thighs (known as our “quad” muscles) because we stay in static positions like sitting all day. Because of this any movement that needs us to jump, land, skip, or accelerate is compromised and we can’t generate the same...

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