How to Complete the Upper Back Towel Roll

The Best Posture Exercise


One of the best postural exercises here! The thoracic spine (known as your “upper back”) is one of the most forgotten about parts of the body! We spend so much time on our devices or sitting slouched in chairs that we are LITERALLY folded forwards for most of the day. To regain proper form in your back, we need to move it into extension. This is important because it allows us to take some of the burden directly off your lower back and neck, while improving both shoulder and scapular mobility. Here is exactly how to do the Upper Back Towel Roll Drill.

Lie on your back (with your knees bent) and a towel placed length wise along your spine (starting at the base of your shoulder blades and extending towards your head). Now, place your arms out to the side OR straight up overhead by your ears and spend some time in this position.

Hang out here for 10-15 minutes throughout the day. As you feel the stretch fade, shift the roll down the spine.

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