How To Complete the W Drill

The Best Posture Exercise

What have you always been told since childhood!? POSTURE, POSTURE, POSTURE!!! This still holds true in adulthood since we all tend to slouch in our computer chairs or on the course. To help drill this back into your brain, this might possibly be the best exercise for your posture. Not only do you work both arms (saving you time and being EFFICIENT) but it also strengthens all the muscles that are probably weak from being hunched over in a chair for the better portion of the day!


Stand with your elbows bent to 90 degrees and grab a resistance band between your hands. Set your shoulder blades down and back, and slowly twist your arms outward so that you are turning them AWAY from each other without moving your elbows.


Do this for 6-8 reps, and repeat 3 times.

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